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How to Boost Construction Equipment Productivity?


Most companies are seeking methods to boost construction equipment productivity. Here’s how to deal with them.

With the advancement in technology, new methods have been invented to increase productivity and cut on costs. Many production companies use heavy equipment in production and here are some tips to take care of them.

Repair to be Done by the Dealer

Most modern machines are computerized so any repairs must be done by certified persons for increased lifespan. We may trust our technicians but the truth is that they may not have knowledge of every brand that is available on the market. Relying on dealers for service of the machines is the key for increased production. JCB genuine parts also increase the productivity of your machines.

Maintenance Should Equate Peace of Mind

Every machine bought is usually accompanied by a total repair and maintenance contract. So, for instance, one buys an excavator. They should expect full maintenance at the cost of the dealer for about five to eight years with a guaranteed buy-back option.

Ease of Use Should be Considered

It is hard for operators to shift from driving different models at once. Although the controls of the equipment may be the same, there may be some skilled differences which may reduce productivity and safety while the machine is in use. Systems are nowadays modernized to increase user experience. This boosts productivity, hence increasing the profitability of a business.

Business Wins if Productivity is Boosted

Completing projects earlier than the set deadlines increases the client’s trust and enables the contractor to win more jobs quicker. Increased productivity increases the healthy competition between brands and hence profitability in the long run. The effective use of machines and equipment data are the key tools into winning the profitability and productivity battle.

The day is won by the total package

Often we usually put all our consideration of the services offered to us by the dealers. Rarely do we look at the price first before getting into deep talks. Most construction firms prefer buying a machine that delivers the best performance rather than buying the cheapest. Manufactures are ranked by quality and factors such as rental availability, costs, and availability of spare parts among many others. So consider all these factors before you make that big move to buy or rent the best equipment.

Keep Machine for Ten Years then Replace

Due to the experience in the manufacturing sector, maintenance history clearly tells how much expectation to have on a construction machine. Normally it ranges from 10000 to 15000 hours which is close to ten years. The goal of this is running a machine for its first life before expiring at 80% to 90 % of usage.

Do not Buy if You Don’t Use it Regularly

It is best to avoid buying the big equipment if you don’t intend on using it 70% or more of the time in your project. You can instead rent one as it saves you money while finishing the project on time.

If the machines fail to perform, look for any issues and repair should be done with immediate effect by using JCB genuine parts.

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