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Tips to Stay Safe during an Excavator Operation


Understanding the measures you need to take to ensure your safety and the earthmover during the tough day to day tasks.

Excavators have for a long time been used to do all sorts of tough jobs. Their invention has been made at opportune timing during an era when most people seek to get white collar jobs. The nature of jobs done by excavators include digging, loading, and leveling could leave the machine in a bad shape and without proper maintenance, the lifespan of your excavator could be cut short. Buy parts of JCB for your excavators and enjoy improved efficiency and reliability during your projects. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your safety and that of your excavator during all your projects.

Before Operation

There are a lot of security measures in place to ensure the excavator driver is safe. Seatbelt is the first safety measure that every driver should have on before starting any operation. The driver also needs to do random checks of the following before starting the engine. Are the mirrors clear? If not ensure that they are wiped clean for better sight during the project. Ensure the propel system is also functional before commencing your project as that mitigates any chance for accidents during the job. You also need to check the controls of the excavator and ensure everything is functioning as it should be? Do not start the job if some basic controls are non-functional.

While on Your Operation

Now that everything is set for the job, there are other in-job precautions you need to take. An excavator is meant to carry the operator alone and nobody else. You have to keep away any other parties from the cub or bucket. Avoid trying to control the excavator when out of the driver’s seat. You need to have full control of the machine before starting any activity otherwise you risk doing things wrong. When going up slopes during an operation go vertically and not diagonally as most people do. Be fond of flat routes or surfaces for better efficiency. If you are handling a digging operation, ensure that the soil is dumped far away from where it is dug. This prevents unfortunate cases of caving in that could cause you harm and damage to the excavator.

Upon Completion

So the job is now done, what next? You have to turn off auto idle button and keep the engine running for some minutes on half throttle without loading. This is necessary to cool down the turbocharger. The RPM must also be set to low idle and then you can then switch the engine off using the key switch. You can then lock the cabin to restrict access to it and ensure the excavator is parked at a flat or level surface. During parking, you have to ensure that bucket attachment is well lowered to the surface before turning the machine off. For excavators, you can buy genuine parts of JCB and have a technician help you fix everything to make the excavator more efficient during your operations.

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